Marketing Strategy

Studio35 can help you develop a short, medium and long term plan for your Marketing based around your business needs and goals. Plan to succeed. Plan to grow!

EMail Marketing

Our solutions range from simple one off sends each month, to emails on demand, regular announcements, Product Alerts and customer engagement campaigns.

Event Management

Most companies benefit from exhibiting at events and exhibitions. At Studio35, we have experience of organising stands at locations around the world.

PR Exposure

Does your business requires a certain level of Brand and Message management? Are you wondering what people think about your business or worst, worried that your message just isn’t getting out?.

Print Advertising

Getting content into publications can be a costly form of advertising, but for some companies, it is a vital platform that yeilds results and needs serious on-going management.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media isn't for everyone - but for many businesses, the opportunity to engage in regular communication with their customers, is a key driver to their success. Studio35 can help grow your presense.

latest news

We invite you to read a few stories from Studio35. Projects, events and things 'on-deck' at the creative Design & Marketing Company

Studio35 exhibit at The Cornwall Business Show

Studio35 exhibit at The Cornwall Business Show.

Video Design

An opportnity to show off the big video wall.

Website Design

Studio35 launch a new website for Duchy Holmes.

Trade Show management

A London trade show sees Studio35 step out .